Take action to end violence against children and women

Do you believe that every child deserves to go to school without fear of being hurt, teased, abused or bullied? Sadly, this is not a reality for millions of children here at home and around the world.

Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl initiative is committed to ending bullying, teasing, and physical and sexual violence, in and around schools here in Canada and across the globe. A year ago we published a report, "A Girl’s Right to Learn Without Fear" that found that too many children, mostly girls, feel unsafe at school, preventing them from accessing their right to an education. This includes children in Canada.

Hundreds of you took action to support a girl’s right to learn without fear…

Over the last year, we asked you to help girls access their right to a safe and quality education. Hundreds of you sent messages and wrote letters to your Members of Parliament and asked them to support a Canadian plan to end violence against children, with a focus on gender in and around schools. This plan would help all children, especially girls, realize their right to learn without fear.

We are seeing momentum! We need your help NOW to end violence.

The Government of Canada has taken important first steps to reducing violence, but there is still more work to be done. In the 2011 Speech from the Throne, the Government of Canada committed to ‘address the problem of violence against women and girls’, but has still not created a national action plan to do so.

Half of all Canadian women have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence in her lifetime. At the same time, nearly 25% of Canadian girls and at least 15% of boys have experienced sexual violence before the age of 16.

Now, more individual Canadians and organizations across the country are joining the call for a national action plan to end violence. Plan continues to work to see that such a plan include measures to end violence against children and women in all aspects of their lives, including schools. But we need you to add YOUR voice to help make this happen.

YOU can help end violence against children and women by joining in and showing the government that ending violence is a priority!

Take action right now:

Send a message to your Member of Parliament (MP)

MPs are elected by and for Canadians. They are there to take action on important issues that matter to you! Sending them a letter about issues that are having an impact on your community encourages and empowers them to take action on your behalf.

How to email your MP

  1. Fill out this form on your right to send an email directly to your local MP.
  2. Not sure who your MP is? Look up their name and email address here (you just need your postal code).
  3. Click send

How to mail a letter to your MP

Want to have an even bigger impact? MPs tell us that letters they receive by mail are even more effective than emails!

  1. Personalize, print and sign this letter or handwrite your own. If you write your own, be positive, to the point, and respectful!
  2. Not sure who your MP is? No problem. You can find out by entering your postal code here.
  3. Now that you know who your MP is, mailing them is easy. Just write their name on an envelope and send it to this address (make sure you put their name!) House of Commons
    Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
  4. Feeling creative? Decorate your envelope to get your letter noticed!
  5. Drop in any Canada Post mailbox. Postage is not necessary!

This is a small action that will truly drive a big change. Thank you for your support!

Write a letter to your MP now