Because I am a Girl Endowment Fund

Invest to eliminate global poverty!

Although girls are often the poorest of the poor, at the same time it's proven that investing in girls is key to eliminating global poverty. The most vulnerable are potentially the most powerful. Plan Canada has launched the Because I am a Girl endowment fund to support girls' projects now and into the future.

How it works

Plan Canada invests gifts to this fund and allocates income from the invested assets to girls' projects that will lead girls and women out of poverty.

For the next few years, education and health projects in Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Sudan, Guinea Bissau, Colombia, Peru and Honduras will be supported until completion through the income generated from the fund.

Three ways to participate

  • Named fund – Set up your own named fund with Plan for $25,000 or more. Your contribution can be a one-time donation or can be pledged over five years. Once your fund is established, you and your friends can contribute to it any time. Bequests from a will can also be added to the fund.
  • Pooled fund – Join several like-minded donors by contributing $1,000 through a one-time gift or through two pledges of $500 over two years.
  • Future fund – Choose this option to make a deferred gift by designating your bequest to the Because I am a Girl endowment fund in your will.

When you invest in the Because I am a Girl endowment fund, you are changing the world for – and through – girls. It only takes ONE girl to change the WORLD!

For information on establishing an endowment fund, please contact Aruna Aysola at 1-800-387-1418 ext. 528 or email

Establish a Because I am a Girl Endowment Fund which will work to empower girls and end gender discrimination for generations to come. Find out more.