Host a Pink LemonAid Stand

Small actions drive big change

Pink LemonAid logo

Pink LemonAid is an easy and fun way to get involved and raise awareness and donations
for Because I am a Girl.

We've made it easy for YOU to get involved with our free Pink LemonAid Kit. It's packed with tips, ideas, promotional materials... everything you'll need to host a Pink LemonAid Stand, except the cups and lemonade!

Here are some tips to help you organize your Pink LemonAid stand in 7 easy steps!

STEP 1 - Decide on a day, time and place to hold your event

Get permission from your parent, teacher or guardian first. Tell them why you want to have a Pink LemonAid Stand. Be sure to ask them for help in selecting a good location.

STEP 2 - Set your fundraising goal

Set a goal of $25, $50, $100, $1000. Create a fundraising web page for your friends and family who can't make it your Pink LemonAid stand. They'll be able to donate online to support your efforts.

STEP 3 - Download our kit materials

Our kit materials include stickers, a donation jar wrap, handouts and a flyer to use for promoting your stand. Enter your Pink LemonAid stand details on the flyer – date, time, location, and your fundraising goal. Make as many copies as needed to hand out at school, to neighbours, friends, family or to your sports team. Be sure to promote your stand in the weeks leading up to your event date.

Be eco-friendly too. Email your friends and family or promote it on Facebook or Twitter.

STEP 4 - Buy lemonade and cups

Buy some frozen pink (or yellow) lemonade and disposable cups (biodegradable if available) the day before your event. (You can always ask a family member or friend to donate the cups or lemonade too). Make sure to buy enough lemonade and cups to accommodate the crowd!

STEP 5 - Download our pledge form

Download our pledge form to record any donations you receive that are $25.00 and over. These people will receive a tax receipt from us for their donation. Send your completed pledge form in when you send us the money you've raised.

STEP 6 - Set up your stand and sell lemonade

Set up your stand and use the Pink LemonAid kit items. Get ready to serve! You're on your way to changing the world!

STEP 7 - Send us your donations

Count up all the money you raised. Send us ONE cheque for the total amount of donations to:

Attention: Pink LemonAid

Plan Canada
245 Eglinton Ave East
Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario
M4P 0B3

Please write PINK LEMONAID on the cheque memo. DO NOT send cash.

Please send us your contact information too. Plan Canada will send you an appreciation certificate as a keepsake and recognition for all your efforts to help us raise awareness and funds for girls in the developing world! You will be changing the world for – and through – girls everywhere!

Thank you for choosing to fundraise for Because I am a Girl!

Want to look the part while you're selling lemonade? Why not buy a Because I am a Girl t-shirt to wear on the day of your event?

Request the Pink LemonAid Kit by Mail here.

You can also individually download the fundraising kit pieces below. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to open the files.

Example of Pink LemonAid stand donation jar wrap labels

Donation Jar Wrap

Download colour | Download black and white

You can re-use a glass or plastic jar of any size by washing off current labels and taping this jar wrap to the outside or inside to collect your donations for your Pink LemonAid stand.

Example of Pink LemonAid stickers

Avery stickers

Size - 2.75" x 2.75" Avery 5096/5196/5296/8196 (9 labels/sheet)
Download colour | Download black and white

Size - 2.375"x 1.25" Avery 6871 (18 labels/sheet)
Download colour | Download black and white

Size - 1"x 2 5/8" Avery 15660/18660/28660/5630 (30 labels/sheet)
Download colour | Download black and white

Example of Pink LemonAid pre-promoting posters template

Pre-promote PDF

Download colour | Download black and white

Download and fill in the fields (Your name/group, time, location, special details including your fundraising goal for the event). Print out and photo-copy to hand out in your school, neighbourhood, family gatherings, sporting events and your friend group. You may also want to be eco-friendly and expand your Pink LemonAid promotion by emailing this flyer to your friends and family as an attachment on an email. Or you can advertise it on your Facebook or Twitter page as an image. You could even download the Pink LemonAid logo to post on your Facebook page!

Example of Pink LemonAid stand price list template

Price card

Download colour | Download black and white

Download and print your Pink LemonAid price card. You may want to put it in a picture frame, tape to a nearby wall or paste onto a cardboard box to make it clear for everyone to see. You should include how much you “suggest” consumers pay per cup of lemonade, to go toward your fundraising goal.

Because I Am A Girl Logo

Because I am a Girl Logo

Download colour

Pink LemonAid logo

Pink LemonAID Logo

Download colour

Example of Because I Am A Girl Handout

Because I am a Girl handout

Download colour | Download black and white

Example of Pink LemonAid infographic

Pink LemonAid infographic

Download colour