Ideas for Women

Hassle-free FUNdraising ideas!

Bring your family, friends or colleagues together and inspire them to come on board and change the world for - and through - girls.

Explore some of these ideas. They're not a big deal to pull off but they can make a HUGE difference to the world by helping to empower girls.

FUNdraising Dinner Party

FUNdraising Dinner Party

Next time you are entertaining, ask your guests to make a donation or buy a Gift of Hope in lieu of a gift.

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Donations make cool hostess gifts

It's an awesome way to enjoy fun and good fare while helping to feed and nurture girls and women across the world. And you will never have to worry about re-gifting again!

Hold a girl themed dinner party

If you want to be even more creative, theme your dinner party around a country where Plan overseas has projects. Provide information from this site about girls in a country like Haiti or about an issue like Early Marriage in Sudan. Experiment with recipes from the country you choose.

Talk about the fact that although girls are often the poorest of the poor, at the same time it's proven that investing in girls is key to eliminating poverty. The most vulnerable are potentially the most powerful. Discuss the impact that Plan is making.

Explore the many things that you and your guests could do together to change the world for – and through – girls.

Girls are the answer – and so are you. Have fun as you change the world!

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Ethical Birthday

Ethical Birthday

If you or someone you love has an upcoming birthday, why not ask for gifts that give twice: here, and in the developing world.

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Ask for a gift that gives twice!

Tell your family and friends that when they donate to Because I am a Girl, their gift in your name will open the door to a girl or woman's potential for a lifetime.

Or be the one to give the gift for someone else's birthday. Our Girls' Gifts of Hope program has lots of gifts that appeal to different people. We know that investing in girls will change the world. Gifts of Hope directly benefit girls by ensuring they receive the nourishment, education, protection and care they deserve. Girls' rights are human rights.

Each Gift of Hope comes with a printed, personalized card that lets the recipient know the difference that is being made in their name.

Host a birthday party fundraiser

Enza Ruascillo hosted a 40th birthday fundraising party at her family's Toronto café. She charged a $5 entry fee to be donated to the cause, and raised awareness through Because I am a Girl promotional materials. "Making a difference while partying – it's a win-win situation!" Says Enza.

Girls are the answer and so are you – get ready to party! Get our free FUNdraising Celebration Kit materials.

Meet other women fundraising champions
Ethical Wedding

Ethical Wedding

If you are getting married, why not ask for meaningful gifts that can change the world? Our Girls' Gifts of Hope are a great way to give back in honour of your special day.

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A special gift for the special couple!

They are available in a range of amounts and make excellent wedding gifts or bridal shower gifts, so add them to your 'wish list'. And unlike toasters, you can never have too many of them!

Wedding or bridal shower gifts

If someone else is getting married, a Gift of Hope makes a gift they will remember – especially for the couple who has everything. There's a wide selection – choose from gifts like baby chicks, hygiene kits, the gift of clean water for a family, the gift of a scholarship for a girl... and more.

Gift of Hope cards

Each Gift of Hope comes with a printed, personalized card that lets the recipient know the difference that is being made in their name. Gift cards can be delivered to the person giving the gift or directly to the recipient. You choose.

Empower a girl, she'll change the world.

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Ethical Celebration

Ethical Celebration

If you or someone you love has a special day coming up – why not ask for or purchase a gift that gives far beyond that special day?

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A gift that gives beyond the day!

Our Girls' Gifts of Hope are a truly memorable way to mark that special day – especially for the person who has everything!

Here are just a few of the gifts you could request or give:

  • Soft baby blankets to wrap a newborn in.
  • Three fluffy chicks as a source of income and education.
  • Home birthing kits with everything a new baby needs.
  • Literacy training for two women.
  • Clean water for a family.
  • Girls' scholarships.
Get our free FUNdraising kit

We know that investing in girls is key to eliminating global poverty. Educate a girl – she'll share her knowledge with everyone she knows.

Empower a girl she'll change the world. Be the one to make it happen!

See where your money goes
Car Wash

Host a Book Club

Start a book club with your girlfriends and charge an attendance fee as a donation to Because I am a Girl.

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Get stuck in a book with your girlfriends!

Kick the club off by reading Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WudDunn. This book tells the story of the girls at the very core of our movement and describes the need to focus on girls' rights and development as 'the cause of our time.' Read what other well-known activists and celebrities have said here.

Create discussion questions

You could create questions such as:

  • Why girls?
  • What women here in Canada can do to help women abroad.
  • What story touched you the most?
  • What surprised you the most?
  • How do you related to the personal stories of the girls in the book?
  • What do you think is the most important thing you could do to change the future for girls?
Materials and videos

You can download materials to pass out here.

You can also show some videos from our Because I am a Girl playlist on YouTube. These illustrate the situation for girls and make a great starting point for discussion.

The more you know, the more you can change the world!

Read the Girl Reports
Have a Garage Sale

Have a Garage Sale

Do you have clothes and home furnishings you want to sell or get rid of? Why not hold a weekend garage sale and donate proceeds to a Because I am a Girl project?

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De-clutter your home and empower Girls!

Start by encouraging each family member to select at least five gently used items to sell. Let other people in your network know what you're doing and invite them to donate unwanted items to the sale.

Pre-promote your garage sale by sending out emails to your friends and family, and pasting up signs in the local community or neighbourhood hot spots. Make sure you publicise the fact that the sale is in support of Because I am a Girl. You'll find people will rally round to support this great cause.

Be sure to set up your fundraising page so that people can donate directly online if they prefer.
Travel to the field

Travel to the field

Do you want to help and also be able to see the fruits of your labour?

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See your donation at work on a project!

This year we are raising money for a Rwandan Girls' School project. If you donate or raise $10,000, Plan will make you eligible to join our Program team in Rwanda!

Sara Sterling raised $10,000last year for a Tanzanian girls' school residence, and went on a field trip to Tanzania with her daughter to see the residence under construction. Sara describes their trip as a "life-changing experience."

"It was very emotional to actually see the school we had all worked so hard for," says Sara. "We were right there on the foundation of the half-built new residence, watching them make the bricks on site – Maddy made a brick herself. We had our hands in the cement and I thought – this is exactly what it was all for."

Discover how it feels to change the world for – and through – girls. Create a fundraising project and travel to the field.

Read about Sara's trip to the field.
Car Wash

Clothing Swap

Whether you host this at home or in the workplace, everyone pays a small fee for the fun of choosing new threads to take home, and the funds raised go to the Because I am a Girl.

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New threads for you - A new beginning for a girl!

Invite your friends and family to bring unwanted gently used clothing to your home for an afternoon of swapping clothes. Everyone picks a number out of a hat to see who chooses first and then you can rotate around, selecting one item at a time.

Or arrange a lunchtime clothing swap in the workplace. Invite your colleagues to bring one item for the swap. If you're up for a little extra effort, you could bake cookies or make refreshments and sell them during the lunchtime clothing swap, with proceeds going to the cause.

There are lots of projects to choose from. Check out Plan Overseas.

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