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Jess and The Social's audience take the #LemonChallenge4Change
CTV The Social, June 29, 2015
The Social | Jess recently served up some pink lemonade for our Socialites, but with a very special twist, all in support of gender equality. With the help of her young mentor, Emmy, Jess learned how to turn the summertime treat into an instrument for change, the #LemonChallenge4Change, that is. More

Sour lemons are a sweet thing for Plan Canada
Marketing Magazine, June 29, 2015
Their jaws are clenched tight, lips pressed into a thin line, eyebrows knit, eyes squeezed shut. A yellow wedge is pinched between their fingers. In photos and videos, men and women show their contorted faces in support of Because I Am A Girl’s new #LemonChallenge4Change campaign. More

When life gives you lemons, make a lemon face
Northern Life Sudbury, June 27, 2015
Get sour for a good cause, show off your best “lemon face” in support of gender equality. Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl initiative is taking to social media with their lemon challenge campaign. More

Daphne Bramham: From the field to raising funds
Vancouver Sun, June 22, 2015
Plan Canada (and its international parent organization) went a completely different direction to raise money for educating and empowering girls worldwide by tapping into the pool of willing and increasingly able female donors. Instead of focusing on big donors, Plan’s Because I Am A Girl campaign that was started in 2007 aims to mobilize grassroots awareness-raisers and fundraisers. More

Dr. Tanjina Mirza: We Need to Focus on Sexual Violence During Humanitarian Crises
Huffington Post Canada, June 20, 2015
In conflict-affected areas, and after natural disasters, donors and humanitarian agencies respond to basic needs: food, water, shelter, and medical care. But protecting women and girls should also be top priority. Dealing with their psychosocial trauma is rarely on the radar screen... More

Riding for a cause
Mission City Record, May 22, 2015
"I love this stuff," said Pearce, who enthusiastically supported the class' project to raise funds for the Because I Am A Girl organization. The goal was to raise $100 to get Pearce to take on the challenge, and $15 every hour to keep him there until end of the school day." More

Horton students raise funds for gender equality
The King's County Register/Advertiser, April 6, 2015
Students at Horton High School are holding an event at the Al Whittle Theatre on Wednesday, April 8, in support of Because I am a GirlMore

Nidhi Bansal: India's Daughter, The World's Daughter: Stopping Violence Against Women
Huffington Post Canada, March 19, 2015
Violence against girls and women is an issue everywhere, not only in India. We've read about other high-profile attacks in the past year -- mass abductions of school girls in Nigeria, women murdered in El Salvador and Brazil, and rape and assault accusations directed at celebrities in Canada and the U.S. These events are rooted in sexist and discriminatory systems in societies around the world. More

(International Women’s Day) Lots worth celebrating, progress still to be made
Metro News, March 6, 2015

Words of wisdom from 12 inspiring women who make us proud to be Canadian, March 6, 2015 (View slide 5)

$750Gs set aside for female leadership
Toronto Sun, March 9, 2015

Smashing limits: Girl-powered problem solving
CTV News

Guest speaker at Woodstock International Women’s Day event hosted by local Zonta club focuses on global initiative to end gender inequality
Sentinel Review, March 4, 2015

Rosemary McCarney: 104 Years Later Women Still Demand and Deserve Better
Huffington Post Canada, February 28, 2015
More than a century ago, an international conference of some 100 working women meeting in Copenhagen decided to establish an annual Women's Day. They wanted to draw attention to the gross inequalities facing one-half of the population...  More

Fort Ellis teen forms club to celebrate girls
The Chronicle Herald, January 23, 2015
The club is part of an international campaign spearheaded by aid organization Plan that is intended to address the issue of gender discrimination around the world. Schenkels got the idea from a Plan Canada website that promotes the cause.  More

Because they are girls
Truro Daily, January 19, 2015
Students at South Colchester Academy in Brookfield have formed a ‘Because I Am A Girl' club focusing on women and girl's rights.  More

How Canada is fighting against child and forced marriages
Huffington Post Canada, December 5, 2014
Ironically, the recent scandals of Jian Ghomeshi and Bill Cosby have achieved in weeks what women's groups have been struggling to accomplish for decades. Their alleged acts of assault and violence against women have brought unprecedented public attention in North America to one of the world's worst ongoing human rights abuses -- gender-based violence.  More

Girls Not Brides visit to Canada
Omni News, November 19, 2014  More

How Canada is fighting against child and forced marriages
Global News, November 6, 2014
A newly released report from Plan Canada — Pathways to Power: Creating Sustainable Change for Adolescent Girls – highlights how millions of girls in developing countries are robbed of their power through child, early and forced marriages.  More

Aboriginals, women ready to serve on corporate boards
Toronto Star, October 16, 2014
A former Wall Street lawyer, she now runs a Canadian not-for-profit group. Rosemary McCarney and others get a boost from new rules requiring more women on corporate boards and a listing on the Diversity 50.  More

Rosemary McCarney: We Can Create New Realities for Girls
Huffington Post, October 16, 2014
As the world celebrated the third annual International Day of the Girl last Saturday, October 11, it was a time of excitement knowing that we are in the middle of a girls' revolution.  More

BC celebrates International Day of the Girl
Global News BC, October 11, 2014
Saturday, October 11 is the United Nation’s International Day of the Girl where people celebrate and advocate for a brighter future for girls around the world.  More

Malala Yousafzai is the co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
Global News Toronto, October 10, 2014
Malala’s story has been an inspiration to young women around the world, including two from Toronto who say they want to work in improving the lot of children. Sean Mallen reports More

Study reveals girls face violence, constraints
Radio Canada International, October 7, 2014
Many adolescent girls in developing countries expect to be victims of violence and just over half say they never or seldom say what they think, according to a large survey by the aid group, Plan International. While Canadian girls fare better, they do share some of the fears and constraints of their counterparts.  More

Girls don’t see themselves as having rights, global report finds
CTV News / Canada AM, October 6, 2014
Young adolescent girls across the world do not see themselves as having rights or the power to make decisions about their own lives, according to a new global report. Meanwhile, a separate focus group conducted in Canada revealed Canadian girls have similar concerns. The Plan International report, released ahead of the International Day of the Girl on Oct. 11, highlights the main concerns of adolescent girls in 11 different countries across the globe.  More

Why the fight for girls’ rights still matters
Buzzfeed, October 2, 2014
A Buzzfeed list serving a reminder that girls’ rights are human rights.  More

One of these babies won’t get a fair chance
Strategy Magazine, September 30, 2014
Plan Canada recently kicked off a new campaign around the rallying cry that “girls’ rights are human rights” to encourage people to join the non-profit’s movement to help girls in developing countries through sustainable projects. More

Pink LemonAid stands helping young girls in developing countries
Global News, July 23, 2014
Plan Canada’s initiative Because I am a Girl offers support to families wanting to raise money for girls in need through Pink LemonAid stands. Plan’s global initiative created Pink LemonAid in 2010 as a simple way for families to get involved and inspire children to give back. More

Get smart on feminism fast: A beginner’s guide to female equality
Fashion Magazine, July 2, 2014
Feminism, where to start? Lately, you’ve heard the word tossed around like a Kardashian wedding gone viral. From actress Emma Stone calling out boyfriend Andrew Garfield for a sexist remark on live television, to Shailene Woodley‘s widely-publicized remarks about not classing herself as feminist—but what does it all mean? How and why should feminism affect you?  More

Rosemary McCarney: It’s time to connect the dots on gender-based violence
Huffington Post , June 27, 2014
More child kidnappings a few days ago in Nigeria, on top of the nearly 300 girls abducted nearly three months ago. A 15-year-old girl and her 14-year-old cousin raped, murdered, and hung from a tree in rural India. Meanwhile, in urban Pakistan, family members stoned to death a pregnant woman who married against their wishes.  More

Because I am a Girl initiative with Sears Canada
Moms and Munchkins, April 23, 2014
"I feel that all girls should have an opportunity to test our their independence and chase their dreams. This is one of the reasons why I love the Sears Canada Because I’m a Girl initiative."  More

On raising girls
Nugglemama’s Handful, April 22, 2014
As a mom to 4 beautiful girls I can’t help but think how blessed we are to live where we do. Living in Canada my girls are afforded so many more opportunities then their counterparts in developing countries.  More

Girls helping girls, with Sears and Plan Canada
Woman in Real Life, April 22, 2014
"I have talked before about how and why my family sponsors a little girl through Plan Canada. My two kids have learned a lot from sharing an ongoing pen pal relationship with Mouzou, who lives a very different lifestyle from theirs."  More

GTA Rollergirls recognized as first charitable roller derby team
Global News, April 14, 2014
In 2007, Cynthia Brooks decided it was time she lived a healthier lifestyle–cue the introduction of GTA Rollergirls, Toronto’s first non-profit flat track roller derby league. More

Malala shooting becomes inspiration for children’s book, March 11, 2014
When 15-year-old education activist Malala Yousafzai was shot on her way to school in Pakistan’s Swat district in October 2012, it sent shock waves around the world. More

Video: Canadian charity lets artists send a message in Malala-inspired Toronto exhibit
Toronto Observer, March 13, 2014
VIDEO: Canadian charity lets artists send a message in Malala-inspired Toronto exhibit. More

Plan Canada highlights Malala Yousafzai’s courage with a children’s book
Inside Toronto, March 18, 2014
The story of Malala Yousafzai, the young girl who survived a Taliban attack for standing up for her right to an education in Pakistan, is well-known around the world. More

Malala's father brings message about girls' right to education around globe
Toronto Star (Metro Edition) (Torstar), March 20, 2014
Fund family created changing attitudes in countries once opposed to learning for all. More

Malala Yousafzai’s father inspires kids at Toronto school
City News, March 21, 2014
Students at Secord Elementary School met Malala Yousafzai’s father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, on Thursday. Malala is the young Pakistani crusader who was shot by the Taliban because she campaigned for girls’ education. Watch video

Malala Yousafzai’s father, Ziauddin, speaks to students at Secord Elementary school, March 21, 2014
A crowd of children sat in orderly rows and waited anxiously to hear from the man they knew as Malala’s Dad. Ziauddin Yousafzai, father of Malala Yousafzai, spoke to an attentive crowd of grades 4 and 5 students at Secord Elementary School in East York on Thursday, March 20, afternoon. More

Canada's untapped economic powerhouse
Maclean’s, March 17, 2014
Plan Canada: Getting girls back into the classroom Every girl has a right to an education, but 65 million girls around the world are not in school, and even more struggle a remain in the classroom. Every day, girls are taken out of school, married far too young and subjected to violence in school. Plan Canada's "Because I am a Girl" initiative works with communities to support girls' education by providing equal access to education, developing gender sensitive learning environments for girls, educating boys about gender equality, keeping schools safe for girls and providing them with a learning environment free of violence and abuse. More

15 awe-inspiring Canadian women you need to know
iVillage, March 8, 2014
Hayley Wickenheiser. Margaret Atwood. Serena Ryder. These are just a few of the many well known women who call Canada home. But et's take a moment to ponder the awe-inspiring Canadian women don't hear about every day, but are blazing trails, and being awesome every day. Here are just a few of the many amazing thinkers and bright stars we'd like to meet.More

Malala's effect on display
Toronto Star, March 08, 2014
To celebrate International Women's Day and a new children's book about Malala Yousafzai, Plan Canada is hosting a Toronto exhibit featuring original works by local painters, sculptors and photographers. The not-for-profit charity created the book, Every Day is Malala Day, which is illustrated with photographs of girls from around the world. Accompanying text, written by Plan Canada president Rosemary McCarney, reads like a letter to Malala, the Pakistani teen attacked by Taliban gunmen for going to school and whose tireless campaign for girls' right to education has raised global awareness. The book aims to highlight some of the challenges faced by girls worldwide. Plan Canada also reached out to 24 artists, providing each with a different page from the book to serve as inspiration. More

International Women’s Day: ‘Every Day is Malala Day’
Maclean’s, March 7, 2014
We’re not the only ones celebrating Malala this International Women’s Day. On March 8, Plan Canada, a nonprofit organization that fights poverty in 69 countries around the world, is releasing a children’s book in her honour. Every Day Is Malala Day (Second Story Press, $18.95), by Rosemary McCarney, Plan Canada president and CEO. More

International womens's day
The Morning Show, March 07, 2014
TOMORROW MARKS INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY. Fri, Mar 7: Plan Canada is hosting a Toronto exhibit featuring works by local painters, sculptors and artists to celebrate International Women’s Day and a new children’s book about Malala Yousafzai. Interview with Rosie Edeh, Because I am a Girl Celebrated Ambassador, and Fahmeeda Murtaza, Plan Canada youth ambassador. More

Experience the Malala Effect, March 06, 2014
In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, Plan Canada is launching Every Day is Malala Day, a children’s book honouring the spirit of Malala Yousafzai – a young Pakistani girl and education activist who survived a Taliban attack in 2012 and valiantly continues her campaign for the rights of girls to go to school. Written by Rosemary McCarney, Plan Canada President and CEO, with Plan International, the book’s powerful story and imagery capture how Malala Yousafzai’s crusade for education serves as a daily inspiration for girls around the globe.

Every day is Malala day
49th Shelf, March 06, 2014
To mark International Women's Day, we spoke to Rosemary McCarney, President and CEO of Plan Canada and author of the new book, Every Day is Malala Day, which Kirkus Reviews has called, "a brief but moving manifesto that will spark both sympathy and heightened awareness of an endemic global outrage." More

A loud message from girls for Malala - and the world
Huffington Post Canada, March 05, 2014
Blog by Rosemary McCarney – It is fitting that we are launching this book on International Women's Day. For more than 100 years, the world has annually marked this important occasion, but its annual themes -- this year's theme being "equality for women is progress for all" -- rarely reflect the unique and distinct plight of young girls who are themselves on their way to becoming women. Originally, International Women's Day took up such basic causes as working conditions, better wages, and women's right to vote. Progress has been made. But 100 years on, there are still harmful, and often fatal, practices and norms impacting women, and particularly girls, in the world. Along with being denied the right to an education from elementary through secondary school, too many girls receive inadequate health care, are forced into dangerous labour, and experience gender-based violence. They are often compelled to marry someone not of their choosing, when they are far too young. So in thinking about this book in light of International Women's Day, I imagine and hope several things. I imagine adults, particularly mothers, sitting with their sons and daughters -- here in Canada or in other parts of the world -- reading it together. More

Girls worse off in disaster than boys, study finds
24hours Toronto, October 11, 2013
The report, "There is very little research on adolescent boys or girls in disasters." called Double Jeopardy: Adolescent Girls and Disasters, found women and children are 14 times more likely than men to die in a disaster. Rosemary McCarney, president and CEO of Plan Canada, said girls "remain largely invisible" during disasters. "There is very little research on adolescent boys or girls in disasters, which is why we commissioned this report.” More

Olympian lends girl power to campaign
Metro Ottawa (Ottawa) , October 11, 2013
Olympic medallist and Because I am a Girl celebrated ambassador Jenn Heil, along with Nafi Faye, a Plan Canada gender advisor address education as the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. More

International Day of the Girl
CHCH Hamilton, October 11, 2013
Today marks the second International Day of the Girl, and although some advancements have been made, Sarah Muir of Plan Canada was here to tell us how we can do more. More

Why girls are 14 times more likely to die in a natural disaster
Toronto Star, October 10, 2013
A Plan International report analyzes discrimination against girls in times of flood, hurricane, earthquake and drought — their vulnerability to rape, prostitution and child marriage. “(Girls) are already in normal times more vulnerable, more disadvantaged, more excluded from decision making,” said Rosemary McCarney, president and CEO of Plan Canada. “So when disasters or emergencies occur, this is magnified manifold.More

Disasters put girls in double jeopardy
Vancouver Sun, October 10, 2013
It's bad enough being a girl any time in far too many countries. It's addressing those unique needs that is the overwhelming message of Plan International's 2013 State of the World's Girls report, released today. The report, called In Double Jeopardy, comes with this warning: Without substantial changes to disaster planning and the delivery of humanitarian aid to accommodate girls' specific needs, their future may be even bleaker. As Plan Canada CEO Rosemary McCarney said in an interview, "When the emergency ends, the destructive impact does not." More

International Day of the Girl - Jennifer Heil
CTV Ottawa Morning Live, October 10, 2013
Jenn Heil talks about her involvement with Because I am a Girl and her passion for the cause for girls' rights.More

Malala Yousafzai
CBC News - Toronto, October 10, 2013
Plan Canada's Rosemary McCarney talks to CBC Toronto about Malala and the one-year anniversary since her shooting. Cara Lew and Crystal Gao, also Plan Canada youth ambassadors and UofT students provided brief commentary. Starts at around the 2:30 mark. More

CTV News Direct 12:00
CTV NEWS DIRECT 12:00 (CTV-NC), Toronto, October 10, 2013
Interview with Rosemary McCarney, President and CEO of Plan Canada after Malala Yousafzai won the EU Sakharov Human Rights Prize. More

Olympic moguls champion Jenn Heil raises $1 million for girls' health, education
Canadian Press / Toronto Star, October 9, 2013
Caught up in the euphoria of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, moguls skier Jenn Heil blurted out at the conclusion of the Games that she intended to raise $1 million for the Because I am a Girl campaign. Then she took a big gulp.More

Gender equality 'A Global Issue'
Kingston Whig-Standard, October 9, 2013
Nicole Toole, a first-year Queen's University student, is involved in this year's International Day of the Girl, helping to promote gender equality in Canada and around the world through her involvement with Because I am a Girl and Plan Canada's youth advisory council. More

Day of the girl
Chatelaine (Toronto), October 31, 2013
She was shot in the head and survived. Now Malala Yousafzai is fighting back... with words On July 12, her 16th birthday, Malala Yousafzai stood in front of more than 500 young people at the first ever "youth takeover" of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. Dressed in a pick head scarf and a shawl that once belonged to former primer minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto Malala was passionate, but composed. Today, 66 million girls do not get to go to school. Fahmeeda, who attended the UN youth takeover as a youth ambassador for Plan Canada, hopes to change that.More

Day of the girl
Chatelaine (Toronto), October 31, 2013
She was shot in the head and survived. Now Malala Yousafzai is fighting back... with words On July 12, her 16th birthday, Malala Yousafzai stood in front of more than 500 young people at the first ever "youth takeover" of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. Dressed in a pick head scarf and a shawl that once belonged to former primer minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto Malala was passionate, but composed. Today, 66 million girls do not get to go to school. Fahmeeda, who attended the UN youth takeover as a youth ambassador for Plan Canada, hopes to change that.More

Canada can make a difference in ending child and forced marriage, September 23, 2013
Joint op-ed by Rosemary McCarney and Shalini Konanur // There is clearly a need for action, both at the government and community levels, in Canada as well as in the developing world. With Canada’s leadership at the UN we can help to end this destructive practice everywhere in our lifetimes. For his part, Minister Baird has been outspoken in the fight to end child and forced marriage. We encourage him to continue in that role at this session of the UN. Beyond the UN, Baird could lead a Canadian initiative that includes smart interventions at home and abroad to combat this practice on the ground.More

Advocating for girls on world stage
Alumni Gazette, Fall 2013
Today, McCarney, 59, is one of Canada’s best-known ‘missionaries’ for social and economic progress in the Third World. She has worked in more than 100 countries as a development consultant. For the past six years, she’s been President and CEO of Plan Canada, an arm of Plan International, the global NGO that champions children in developing countries. More

How to Host a Pink LemonAid Stand
Yummy Mummy Club, August 14, 2013
Now you can help raise money too! Watch this webisode with your kids as these inspiring girls teach you how easy it is for your family to host a Pink LemonAid Stand. More

Girl Guide inspires day of giving in Barrhaven; Fundraiser beats goal for second year in a row
Ottawa Community News, August 8, 2013
When eight-year-old Emmy Stewart told her mother she was bored one day last summer, neither suspected the activity would turn into a large scale fundraising effort for girls in the developing world.More

Girl Power and Pink LemonAid for Because I am a Girl
Yummy Mummy Club, August 6, 2013
As important as it is to improve the lives of girls around the world, for me it's also important to empower our own girls (and boys) with knowledge and the tools to become generous global citizens. Part of the Plan Canada program that captured my attention is the focus they're putting on getting girls involved in raising money and awareness with Because I'm a Girl through the Pink LemonAid program. More

Book sale raises $800 for charity
Fort McMurray, August 5, 2013
A group of teenagers raised $800 for Because I am A Girl with a book sale Sunday More

Defeated Lake Ontario swimmers still hope to finish historic crossing
CTV News, July 30, 2013
After pulling their cold and exhausted bodies out of the frigid waters of Lake Ontario on Saturday, five Ontario women attempting to make history by swimming the length of the lake had to admit defeat. More

5-woman Lake Ontario Because Girls Can relay ends early, swimmers proud
Toronto Star, July 27, 2013
Flanked by two zodiacs, the swimmers pulled their weary bodies through the lake until their feet finally touched shore. More

Markham student drives change at UN
Markham Economist and Sun, July 19, 2013

Rosemary McCarney: Global action on education doesn’t end with Malala Day
Ottawa Citizen, July 17, 2013
History—and hope—is replete with catalytic moments, events like Nelson Mandela’s release from prison or Terry Fox’s cross-Canada run. Another such moment occurred on July 12, when a courageous young woman celebrated her 16th birthday at the podium of the United Nations General Assembly.

Canadian Youth Ambassador discusses access to education
CHCH TV - Morning Live Hamilton, July 16, 2013
Over 600 young people from around the world were at the United Nations for an amazing event featuring teenage Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai.More

Access to education for youth
Global News - Morning Show Toronto, July 15, 2013
We meet two Toronto girls who got the chance to travel to United Nations headquarters in New York City to meet Malala Yousafzai, the teenage activist who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban. More

Lemon-Aid Stands
Morning Live, CHCH TV Hamilton, June 20, 2013
Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl is kicking off the summer of lemon-aid stands as part of their pink lemon-aid program. Victoria Kaulback, Because I am a Girl youth ambassador and Sarah Muir from Plan Canada are here to talk about the program. More

Selling pink lemonade to raise funds for Because I Am A Girl
Toronto Sun, May 31, 2013

Pink lemon-aid power
CBC News: Toronto, May 31, 2013
The power of pink lemonade More

Plan Canada breaks new brand campaign
Ad News, May 8, 2013
International aid and development agency Plan Canada has begun a new brand campaign as part of its ongoing Because I am a Girl initiative. More

Calgary: Bangladesh needs your help
Canada Newswire, May 8, 2013
Plan Canada launches community sponsorship program to help lift an entire village out of poverty in Bangladesh. More

CASSIES Gold: Plan Canada’s girl power
Strategy Magazine, January 28, 2013
Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl campaign returns to win Gold at the 2013 CASSIE Awards, recognized for business effectiveness in advertising. More

Keeping Up with Because I Am A Girl
Ruby Skye P.I., December 11, 2012
Popular web series, Ruby Skye P.I., recognizes the Because I am a Girl campaign, sharing fundraising ideas for youth. More

Investing in the girl child, and in society
South Asian Generation Next, November 15, 2012
A Q&A with Plan Canada's Executive Vice President, Marketing & Development, Paula Roberts, on the success of Because I am a Girl. More

Pemberton lends support to the ‘Because I Am A Girl’ cause
The Toronto Sun, November 11, 2012
Pemberton Group supports Plan's Because I am a Girl initiative and Day of the Girl activities at Yonge-Dundas Square.More

Because she is a girl
The Spec, October 22, 2012
Shooting of 15-year-old in Pakistan is only the tip of an iceberg of global oppression of young women. More

Birks Presents: A Night For Girls To Shine in Toronto
It's All Style To Me, October 12, 2012
Birks hosts special event to benefit Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl initiative on first-ever International Day of the Girl. More

Smart with a Heart, October, 2012
Laura Sullivan shares her thoughts on becoming the smartgirl contest winner, presented by smartwater Canada and Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl initiative. More

Girls around the world face violence in schools: Report
Toronto Star, October 11, 2012
Violence in schools and pressure from conservative societies to drop out early are some of the barriers adolescent girls all over the world face as they struggle to receive an education. More

Shooting of 14-year-old activist mars first day of ‘Girl Child’ celebrations
Metro Toronto, October 11, 2012
The shooting of 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai, an activist for girls' education in Pakistan, has brought new urgency and tragedy to the cause. More

Olympic gold medalist celebrates first-ever International Day of the Girl / Breakfast Television, October 11, 2012
Because I am a Girl celebrated ambassadors, Jennifer Heil and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, support the International Day of the Girl on Breakfast Television.

Because I am a Girl shines a light on the importance of education for girls
Canada AM / CTV News, October 11, 2012
Singer-songwriter Alyssa Reid explains why she wanted to get involved with The Day of the Girl, and youth ambassador Crystal Gao talks about the importance of the campaign. More

‘International Day of the Girl’ U.N. campaign aims to promote gender equality for girls
Yahoo! Canada News, October 11, 2012
Why we need an International Day of the Girl and how Canadian celebrations and events will help promote girls rights. More

International Day of the Girl Child
Victoria News, October 9, 2012
Students from St. Margaret's School teams up with Because I am a Girl to host a community event in honour of the first International Day of the Girl. More

Girls take over Yonge and Dundas Square
The Toronto Observer, October 12, 2012
Girls from all over the city join Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and Alyssa Reid at Yonge and Dundas Square on the first-ever International Day of the Girl. More

International Day of the Girl
Toronto Standard, October 11, 2012
Canadians across the country recognize that girls play an important role in their communities.

Gender and age put girls at a double disadvantage
The Vancouver Sun, October 9, 2012
The United Nations' first International Day of the Girl aims to bring awareness to the double discrimination girls face because of their gender and age. More

Marnie McBean – promoting girls’ rights around the world!
Canadian Living, August 18, 2012
Olympian Marnie McBean is championing girls' rights globally with Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl. More

London 2012 football: Diana Matheson never made the limelight, until she won Canada bronze
Toronto Star, August 10, 2012
Because I am a Girl ambassador and Olympic bronze medalist, Diana Matheson, talks Canadian sport and empowering girls and women around the world. More

Charitable Olympians: Canada's Athletes Give Back To The Community
Huffington Post, August 1, 2012
Canadian Olympians from across the country lend support to charity, including Because I am a Girl celebrated ambassador, Jennifer Heil. More

Pandora's Makeup Box Launches "I am a girl" Lipgloss
Flare Magazine, July 31, 2012
Pandora's Makeup Box launches new lipgloss in support of young women all over the world. More

Students trying to help girls around the globe
Niagara this Week, July 6, 2012
Students at St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School team up with Because I am a Girl and help fundraise for the cause. More

Barrhaven girl, 8, has big plans for LemonAID stand
Ottawa Citizen, June 29, 2012
Eight-year-old Emmy is busy organizing what she hopes to be known as "Because I am a Girl" day in Barrhaven. More

Rona Ambrose's star rises in government
Canadian Press, June 19, 2012
Minister Rona Ambrose stunned observers when she voted in favour of a pro-life bill in the House of Commons this week. More

Pemberton's motto: Do good work
Toronto Star, June 15, 2012
The Pemberton Group discuss their relationship with Because I am a Girl and the importance of supporting women and girls in the developing world. More

Women, Sport and Horse Sense
CBC Sports, June 1, 2012
Because I am a Girl celebrated ambassador Jennifer Heil discusses the challenges that females are facing in sport.

Does the world need more girls?
Canadian Living, Donna Paris
In Canada it's good to be a girl, but that isn't always the case for girls living in the developing world. More

Making mom a heroine
Royal City Record, April 11, 2012
Lynn Duncan's company, Vivalogue Publishing, is working with Plan Canada on a Mother's Day gift that benefits women and children in developing countries. More

Vivalogue Publishing Brings Ethical Giving to Mother's Day
PR Web, April 9, 2012
Vivalogue Publishing is supporting Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl maternal health initiative by publishing a special Mother's Day gift book celebrating Canadian Mothers. More

Canadian girls helping women and babies in Tanzania
Regina Leader-Post, March 23, 2012
TV personality and celebrated ambassador Rosey Edah and daughter Micha head to Tanzania with smartwater and Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl in support of women and their babies in Tanzania. More

World Celebrates International Women's Day
CP24 News, March 8, 2012
Women around the world join to celebrate International Women's Day, including events across Canada. More

Campaign speaker shows what an empowered girl can do
Metro News Toronto, March 8, 2012
Because I am a Girl Speakers Bureau member Maneesa Sotheeswaran speaks to students around the globe to raise awareness for girls' rights. More

Pushing Girl Power
The Toronto Sun, March 6, 2012
Connecting youth and inspiring futures through strong, savvy females, like Because I am a Girl ambassador, Jennifer Heil. More

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