Because I am a Girl reports

The Because I am a Girl report, The State of the World’s Girls, is a nine-part series examining the development of girls around the world.

Each report is based on a different theme. The series will conclude its final research analysis in 2015 – the target year for achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

2013 Girl Report: In Double Jeopardy: Adolescent Girls and Disasters
2013 : In Double Jeopardy: Adolescent Girls and Disasters

The 2013 report focuses on girls living through emergencies.

2012: Learning for Life

The 2012 report focuses on girls' education, particularly the importance of keeping adolescent girls in school.

2011: So, what about boys?

The 2011 report focuses on the important role men and boys play in achieving global gender equality and eliminating poverty.

2010: Digital and Urban Frontiers: Girls in a Changing Landscape

The 2010 report focuses on the opportunities and risks facing girls in both digital and urban worlds.

2009: Girls and the Global Economy: Adding it All Up

The 2009 report focuses on the impact of a global economic crisis on girls and young women. An update to this report was published in 2013.

2008: In the Shadow of War: Girls in Conflict

The 2008 report examines the rights of women and girls in a post-conflict environment.

2007: State of the World's Girls

The first report examines the rights of girls throughout their childhood, adolescence and as young women.


Cohort research study

Real choices, Real lives

The report series includes the “Real choices, Real lives” cohort research study of 142 girls from birth until their 9th birthday. Every year, researchers visit the girls and their families to learn about their health, their education, and their daily experiences, and over time will build a picture of how their gender affects their lives. This compelling research and reporting will be used to advocate for changes to government policies that will benefit girls worldwide.

Other reports

2012: A Girl’s Right to Learn Without Fear: Working to End Gender-Based Violence at School.

This report focuses on the prevalence of gender-based violence in and around schools, and offers constructive recommendations to combat this violence.

2011: Because You’re a Girl: Growing up in the Commonwealth

Plan research reveals the best and worst places in the Commonwealth countries to be born a girl.

2010: Because they are girls: Mapping Plan’s experience in improving the lives of girls

This report examines the difference Plan projects and programs have made to girls’ lives.