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What are Because I am a Girl Clubs?

Because I am a Girl clubs are an initiative from Plan Canada, supported by the Because I am a Girl movement. The clubs aim to empower girls to support one another and stand up for the rights of girls in Canada and around the world. The clubs are designed to be youth-led, youth-driven and adult or educator mentored.

When you register your club, you'll receive:

  • Monthly electronic resources on different topics that connect domestic and international issues
  • Activity ideas that can be carried out in the club, in the school, in the community, or in conjunction with a Plan project around the world.
  • Access to an online community where club members can interact with one another, share news from their club, and learn more about girls around the world
  • Opportunities to build leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.

Start a girl club!


Girls in middle and high schools across Canada with the support and supervision of a teacher or other staff person. The resources are designed to be youth-led and canalso be used by existing clubs that focus on related issues like social justice, leadership, peer support etc...

It's up to you to decide how often your club will meet and what activities you want to carry out each month.


Right now! Register your club and get started! Check back every month to download new resources and post updates about your club on the Because I am a Girl community.

The local-global Link

Everything is connected! The monthly resources will help you explore different themes that impact girls in Canada and around the world.

Nutrition Healthy eating and food preparation Food security
Sports and fitness Females in sport Sport for development
Water and Environment Conservation Clean water and sanitation
Rights and Advocacy Understanding your rights in Canada Community based approach to rights
Conflict resolution Bullying Peacebuilding
Cultural preparedness Social etiquette Global etiquette
Economic empowerment Financial literacy Microfinance
Self-esteem Body image Self-expression
Media and Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) Social Media The challenges and opportunities of ICTs
Communications Presentation skills Using theatre, music and drama to relay social messages
Relationships Healthy relationships The role of boys and men in empowering girls
Health Teenage health issues Maternal health

Start a Girl Club!