Where your money goes

Because I am a Girl raises money for projects that create a better life for girls and women in the developing world. None of the work we do would be possible without the generous support of our amazing donors here in Canada and our community partners in the developing world.


Infographic of where donations are allocated at Plan; 79% support programs that benefit children and families, 21% is used for administration, operations and fundraising costs

For more than 75 years, Plan has built a reputation as one of the world’s most effective and responsible development agencies. We are committed to measuring the effectiveness of our work and demonstrating where your money goes, what we do with it and how it makes a difference in creating brighter futures for girls.

We also adhere to Imagine Canada’s Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code, and support the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Donor Bill of Rights.

Supporting girls

Globally, Plan’s Because I am a Girl programs have benefitted nearly 2 million girls directly and impacted another 18 million girls! Plan’s girl projects help provide clean water, food security, health care, education and access to microfinance training and assistance, and include:

  • Girl scholarships – provide girls with a quality education so they can gain the skills, knowledge and independence to take care of themselves and their families, and actively participate in their community.
  • School construction – build dorms at secondary schools so that girls can have a safe home close to school, with access to nutritious food, clean water and health care.
  • Nutrition – give children a nutritious meal every day at school and provide take-home rations for girls to improve health and increase enrolment and attendance rates.
  • Training opportunities – create job prospects for youth through education and vocational training opportunities.
  • Constructing health facilities – provide better access to pre- and post-natal care for women by constructing adequate health centres.
  • Business skills education – empower single mothers to learn business skills so they can improve the lives of their children.
  • Birth certificate registration – register girls so they have a birth certificate that protects them against child trafficking, exploitation and abuse, and ensures social, educational and political rights.

Our projects in action

Here’s a more detailed look at how Plan’s projects impact girls, women and their communities.

Girls in red at school working in class

Stopping child marriage in Bangladesh

  • The problem: In Bangladesh, more than 66% of girls are married before the age of 18.
  • The solution: Plan is working with families, communities and local authorities to reduce the occurrence of child marriage occurring in the country.
  • What this looks like: Plan provides protection against child marriages by giving girls and families access to economic support through girls scholarships to keep girls in school. We are supporting community leaders and local initiatives to implement effective campaigns against early marriage, and raising awareness among children and youth aged 10-18.
  • The results: Since 2012, 2,000 adolescent girls have benefited from our projects in the communities that we work in Bangladesh. Additionally, 8,000 youth and 20,000 parents have indirectly benefited through awareness and training on child protection.
Girl in yellow doing work at school

Empowering girls through education in Ethiopia

  • The problem: In Ethiopia, more than 18% of children do not attend primary school, resulting in extremely low completion rates.
  • The solution: Improving access to quality education for girls aged 1-14 years in the rural areas of Ethiopia.
  • What this looks like: Plan is improving access to education by creating tutoring and mentoring programs, girls’ clubs and providing separate latrines in schools to ensure girls have a safe, supportive environment to learn in.
  • The results: Since December 2012, 1,200 girls are now equipped with the tools to access and succeed in school, and more than 1,300 girls have received additional school funding that encourages them to stay in school.

Your donations will help support projects like these, allowing girls to reach their full potential.

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