Host a Pink LemonAid Stand

Small actions drive big change

Pink LemonAid is an easy and fun way to get involved and raise awareness and donations
for Plan's Because I am a Girl initiative.

Here’s how you can organize your Pink LemonAid stand in 7 easy steps!

Step 1 Decide on a day, time and place to hold your event

Don’t forget to get permission from your parent, teacher or guardian first and ask them for help in picking a good location.

Step 2 Set your fundraising goal

Accept cash at your stand or create an online fundraising page for anyone who can't make it to your Pink LemonAid stand but still wants to donate.

Step 3 Download our kit materials

From handouts to a donation jar wrap, we’ve got everything you need to promote your stand. Fill in the flyer with your Pink LemonAid stand details. You can email the flyer, post it to Facebook and Twitter, or make copies and hand them out at school, to neighbours, friends, family or your sports team.

Step 4 Buy lemonade and cups

Two girls at their lemonade stand

Buy lemonade and disposable cups (biodegradable if available) the day before your event.

Step 5 Download our pledge form

Download our pledge form to record donations of $25.00 or more. Send your completed pledge form in when you send us the money you've raised, and we’ll issue a tax receipt for gifts of $25.00 and higher.

Step 6 Set up your stand and sell lemonade

Set up your stand using the Pink LemonAid kit items. You're on your way to changing the world!

Step 7 Submit your donations

Count up all the money you raised. Send ONE cheque for the total amount of donations to:

Attention: Pink LemonAid

Plan Canada
245 Eglinton Ave East
Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario
M4P 0B3

Please write PINK LEMONAID on the cheque memo. DO NOT send cash.

Pink LemonAid logo

Please provide your contact information too, so we can send you a thank you letter and certificate in recognition of your efforts to help raise awareness and funds for girls in the developing world, helping to create a brighter future for everyone!

Thank you for choosing to fundraise for Because I am a Girl!

Want to look the part while you're selling lemonade? Why not buy a Because I am a Girl t-shirt to wear on the day of your event?

Fundraising Kit

You can download the fundraising kit pieces below. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to open the files.

Example of Pink LemonAid stand donation jar wrap labels

Donation Jar Wrap

Download jar wrap

Example of Pink LemonAid stand price list template

Example of Pink LemonAid pre-promoting posters template

Pre-promote poster

Download poster

Example of Pink LemonAid infographic

Pink LemonAid how-to infographic

Download infographic