In the developing world, millions of girls are denied basic human rights, leaving them to be the poorest of the poor.

But when given a chance, girls can lift themselves and their communities out of poverty. For about a $1 per day, you can help provide a girl with access to essentials like education, healthcare, clean water, and a world of opportunity.

When you sponsor a girl, you can exchange letters to see the genuine difference you’re making in a girl’s life.

Sponsor a girl today and be the start of a brighter future.


When you sponsor a girl, you help provide essentials like:

Three reasons why you should sponsor a girl:

Image of Sandra
1. Sponsorship benefits the sponsored child.

Sandra was raised in a community in Zimbabwe where opportunities were limited because of extreme poverty. But, thanks to Child Sponsorship, she was given the opportunity to go to school.

I became a sponsored child when I was in grade 2. I was 8 years old. I enjoyed the benefits of textbooks, being sponsored by Plan. That changed my life because I could study hard.

Now, Sandra is a teacher and is teaching her students about the importance of education.

I am trying to insist to them [students], to make sure, that they can be like me or go as far as what I have done in my life, says Robson, with pride.

Plan Canada sponsored child

Image of Kaitlyn with sponsored children
2. Sponsorship benefits the community.

I went to visit my sponsored child, Ruby in Ghana, Africa The money from sponsors funds so many amazing projects that benefit both sponsored children and the children in their community. It makes more of a difference than you can even imagine!

Kaitlyn Strickland
Plan Canada child sponsor

A sponsored child writing a letter
3. Sponsorship benefits you

I have been writing back and forth with my sponsored child for about 5 years now and – still – few things bring me as much joy as coming home to see a letter on my floor with that Plan logo on it, knowing it could be a letter, translated to English, sent all the way from a small village in Africa

April Jensen
Plan Canada child sponsor

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