Why girls?

In the developing world, millions of girls are denied their basic human rights, simply because they are girls. Every day, girls face discrimination and unique barriers to their survival and development.

A girl standing in front of a group of men.

Gender inequalities around the world prevent girls from achieving their full potential. Each year, 15 million girls under 18 will be married; that's 41,000 each day, and nearly 1 girl every 2 seconds. Girls are twice as likely to suffer from malnutrition as boys. And globally, more than 62 million girls are not attending either primary or secondary school.

Yet, we know when girls are empowered they can lift themselves and everyone around them out of poverty.

  • Girls with secondary school education are 6x less likely to marry as children.
  • When a girl receives 7 years of education, she will marry 4 years later and have 2.2 fewer, healthier children.
  • For every extra year a girl stays in school, her income can increase by 10 to 20%.

The power of girls

Investing in girls is key to eliminating poverty and creating a safer, brighter future for everyone. When girls are educated, healthy and empowered, they pull themselves, their children and their communities out of poverty.

We believe when you empower a girl, she’ll change the world. That’s why we created this girls’ rights manifesto!

Our plan to change the world

We want to engage girls, boys, men and women across Canada to join the movement for girls’ rights and gender equality, and support projects that transform the lives of girls around the world through:

  • Education and healthcare
  • Clean water and food security
  • Livelihood initiatives and economic empowerment

How you can help

If you believe girls’ rights are human rights, then be part of the movement to make a real difference in the lives of girls around the world.

*Sources for the statistics used on this page are referenced on the Girls' Rights Fact Sheet.

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