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The Girl Issue

When you invest in a girl, the whole world benefits. Find out how.

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We have everything you need to show your support for girls' rights.

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Help give girls, their families and their communities a brighter future.

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The unstoppable movement for girls’ rights!

See how the global Because I am a Girl initiative reached almost 5 million girls – empowering them with the opportunities to learn, lead, decide and thrive!

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Two smiling young women.
How these 2 young women became the empowered leaders they are today!

See how Plan’s Child Sponsorship program helped empower these two young women with the skills and opportunities to create a brighter future for themselves and those around them.

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A young woman smiling.
Dear future me: A Canadian teen’s empowering letter to her future self

Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals and their aim to create a brighter future for us all, this Canadian teen penned an empowering letter to her future self.

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